If your game crashes when you inject the Terror Menu, you can try the following steps:

  • Make sure that all antivirus programs are completely disabled.
  • Open the installer and press advanced > uninstall all menu settings.
  • Open the installer and press advanced > uninstall menu files.
  • Make sure to only inject while the game is in Story Mode (for more stability).
  • Reduce the graphics settings in the game so your PC can handle the extra load from the menu.
  • Make sure that all other mod menus and mods are uninstalled.
  • Has there been a new GTA V update in the last few days? If that’s the case, you have to wait until the menu gets updated! 

If your mod menu does not open after installing it, you can try the following:

  • Ensure all antivirus programs are disabled and run the installer as an administrator.
  • Open the installer, press Advanced > Uninstall Menu Files & Uninstall All Menu Settings.
  • Make sure you have the latest version by pressing Advanced > Check Installer Version and Check Menu Version.

Open the installer and press Change Open Key > Set Open Key to F8.

After that’s done, restart the game and inject the menu again.


In-game, you can open the menu with F8 now, and under Menu Settings, you can also change the Open Key to a custom key.

All mod menu developers are currently looking for new stealth money methods, and I’m sure that we will find new methods soon, but we can’t tell you when that will finally happen.

This is no longer possible with the Terror Menu because we had to implement an injection key system.

You can check the latest version of the Terror Injector program here. HERE

You can check the latest version of the Terror Menu. HERE

You can check the detection state. HERE

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Here, delete all the accounts that are connected to your IP, and then create a new one to fix this problem. Delete all your Terror accounts.

Try to disable your antivirus programs and VPN if you have one, and make sure that you run the installer as an admin.